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Cover Removal System

CRS1Bottom Mount Lift:

Part #CRS1

Spa Cover Lifter

CRS1 Under-Spa Mounting Brackets:

Eliminates the need to drill holes in your spa’s skirt!


Spa Cover Lifter Brackets

CRS2 Top Mount Hydraulic Lift:

Part # CRS2-50 (Spas up to 92”)

Part # CRS2-90 (Spas 93” and larger)

Spa Cover Lifter with Hydraulic Shocks

CRS3 Premium Bottom Mount Lift:

Part # CRS3

Under Spa Brackets NOW Available!

Part # CBMB

Cover Butler Spa Cover Lifter

CRS4 Universal Cover Lifter:

Part # CRS4

Universal Spa Cover Lifter

CRS5 Cover Roller:

Part # CRS5

Cover Roller Spa Cover Lifter